smales farm takapuna
smales farm takapuna
Rucon Home
Rucon Home
Project Description


A project many years in the design and conception for the Harbour Hospice team and staff, the spades finally hit the ground late in 2020 to start what would be a 3- stage project over 24 months.

After initially winning the ECI tender, we went on to work through design & buildability options with the design team and finally a full tender price on the design.

Once onsite, we opened up the building and then the tricky work began because what we found was certainly not up to specification or code, so a significant amount of scope was added to the project in the remediation of the steel structure.

With an original programme time of 12 months, and an added amount of scope
and Covid 19 lockdowns, we still managed to deliver the completion of stage 1
within programme, which is a credit to the entire team who work tirelessly on the project.

We are currently into stages 2 and 3 and will see these completed by April 2023. We know the Hospice team are enjoying their new home and this building will aid the families and patients in their sad times.

Client: Harbour Hospice   Construction Value:  Circa $17m  Project Completed: 24 months

harbour hospice
Inpatient bedroom
Lounge room
Nurses' Station, Inpatient Unit