Novotel - Auckland Airport

Project Description


This project was the refurbishment of the bathrooms at the Novotel Auckland Airport for Accor Hotels.

The project involved demolition of shower tiling and replacement of water proofing systems and re-tiling each unit. Added to this was any repair works required to the acrylic trays or entire replacement of these if they were completely ruined.

Initially the programme was 5 months with a 4 room 4 day turn around, we quickly found we could complete 8 rooms in 5 days saving 4 weeks on the initial programme. By the end of the project we had refined the processes so that we were able to complete 12 trays in a 6 day turn around.

Quality was a key factor for Novotel and we understood this right from the start and failed our tiler on 2 bathrooms until we got the quality to where it needed to be. Our aim was zero defects on each room on handover which we achieved numerous times.

This project was completed under pressure in a live Hotel environment with as little fuss as possible.

We feel that this project demonstrates our ability to achieve high quality end results where many other companies just don’t or use the industry pressure as an excuse to not achieve these high standards.